Dr. Isaac Hollander

Extraordinary Itineraries in an Extraordinary Land.

Seminars on the Modern Middle East.

The Opportunity

What happens inside and around Israel matters. But beyond the spectacle of fast-moving events lies a neglected logic of historical, geographic and cultural forces, viewpoints and processes. You deserve to understand it - to observe, and do your own thinking. Now is the opportunity.


My Expertise

As Professor of Middle-East History, Culture, and Israel Studies at top universities my hallmark has been dealing sensitively and fairly with politically-charged and agenda-ridden materials. Revealing how history underlies current events - and exploring the geographies and cultures driving that history.


In Their Words

"The instruction was brilliant. Specifically, Dr. Hollander's lectures covered very complex, controversial and detailed subjects yet he managed to convey the material in a manner that was easy to follow and understand."

"Professor Hollander was a superb instructor who guided us through a dense and historically contentious subject with perfect attention to detail and critical analysis."

"The topic is incredibly controversial, but Professor Hollander did his best to ensure a balanced, nuanced, and critical understanding of both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"When exploring historical documents / primary sources he challenged the students to critique authenticity and identify inherent biases within the text.  ... [H]e skillfully decoded their cultural meanings thus revealing information that would otherwise have gone unnoticed."

"His ability to articulate the varying cultural perspectives was impressive."

"I don't think I have ever taken away so much knowledge and insight from one course."

“Your teaching had a deep impact on my intellectual development … I’m indebted [in] my perspective on Middle Eastern events to the richness of the course ...”

“Your passion on this subject is contagious!"

"The level of enthusiasm ... was inspiring."

"[A]lways engaging and energetic."

"Professor Hollander is simply outstanding."

"He's probably one of the best Profs at U of T ..."

"[O]utstanding, teaches some of the best classes at U of T."

"Very nice and funny."

"He is super nice."



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